You design the form. We handle its backend.

We provide endpoints for web forms as a service. If you use our endpoints as your form's action url, you receive all submissions as emails.

Anonymous endpoints
Spam protection
File uploads
Many more features!
<form action="" method="POST">
  <input type="text" name="name">
  <input type="email" name="_replyto">
  <input type="submit" value="Send">

A powerful backend for HTML forms. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Use our service as your form's action
Sign up and register a new form in our dashboard. We create an anonymous endpoint url for that form, for you to use as your form's action url.
Configure form behaviour like a pro!
We offer loads of features for your form. E.g. multiple spam checks. And even rule-based submission routing to different email addresses!
Form mailer & submission archive
We handle your form's backend. Every submission is sent to you by email. But we also store all submissions in an archive up to 365 days.

Loads of features. For simple contact forms. Or powerful web forms.

Simple setup

No programming required. Configure all your form's behavior with just a few clicks.

Secure submissions with HTTPS

All our endpoints use HTTPS. Your form's submissions are all SSL-encrypted and secure.

Spam protection

Benefit from Google's "I am not a robot"-reCaptcha, use a customizable honeypot field, or simply block keywords in your form's payload.

Custom reCaptcha integration

Our form endpoints also support your own implementation of Google's reCaptcha v2 or v3.

Individual 'Thank you' page

Redirect your customers to an individual 'Thank you' page after submission.

Submission archive

All submissions are stored in a submission archive for up to 365 days. Never lose a submission again!

Unlimited form fields

Use as many fields in our form as you like. We handle them all!

Routing rules

Don't just send all submissions to one email address. Configure rules to spread submissions to different recipients based on individual form field values.

Anonymized form action endpoints

Our form endpoint urls are anonymous and don't include your email address. And even better: every form gets an own, individual endpoint url.

Customize email settings

Customize reply-to and subject attributes of your submission notification emails by using hidden input fields in your form.

Export submissions to JSON

Select, export and download submissions in your archive to a JSON file.

Handle file uploads

We handle file uploads for you. Allow as many file uploads per form as you wish! All uploads per submission are stored in your archive for download.

Plans & Pricing

$ 0 /month

  • 1 Form
  • 30 Submissions
  • 1 Recipient
  • 30 Days Archive
  • 100 MB File Upload Storage
$ 5 /month

  • Unlimited Forms
  • 1,000 Submissions
  • 2 Recipients
  • 365 Days Archive
  • 1,000 MB File Upload Storage
$ 10 /month

  • Unlimited Forms
  • 5,000 Submissions
  • 5 Recipients
  • 365 Days Archive
  • 5,000 MB File Upload Storage
$ 20 /month

  • Unlimited Forms
  • 10,000 Submissions
  • 7 Recipients
  • 365 Days Archive
  • 10,000 MB File Upload Storage

Don't miss out. Take your forms to the next level!

Signing up is super fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, totally! Once you sign up, you get 5 days of our Business plan for free. After 5 days, you fall back to the free plan automatically. No credit card required!
Nope, for signing up, you don't need a credit card. Our free plan is totally free and we do not need any payment method from you.
A recipient contact is an email address, to which we send a form's submission. You can define multiple recipients, based on a completely customizable rule set. Or simply notify multiple different recipients no matter what.
Don't worry, we send you an email as soon as you come close to your plan's limits. You can upgrade your plan in time or cope with your plan's limit by deleting e.g. forms or submissions. If you exceed your plan's limit, your form's endpoint stops accepting submissions.
Yes, you may cancel at any time! No long membership. No discount for booking a whole year. We like to keep things simple.

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"formmonkey is all we need to handle forms on our blog. And best of all: it's cheap!"

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"If you run a static site and need a service for your forms, don't look any further!"

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