What is formmonkey?

formmonkey is a feature-rich form to email service. If you run a static website and want to implement e.g. a contact form, you have the problem, that you need a backend server to handle the form’s submissions. With static websites you usually do not have that. This is where formmonkey comes into play: We run the necessary backend, that you can simply connect your form’s action method to. Using our backend endpoints, each form submission is automatically sent to you by email. This way, you don’t have the trouble of setting up a backend server yourself and can completely focus on things that matter: your website’s and particular form’s design and content.

Contact forms and more

formmonkey can be used for all kinds of webforms - not only contact forms. Use formmonkey for contact forms, support forms, resume upload forms, inquiry forms, and many more!

Anonymous form endpoints

In order to let formmonkey know where submission notifications are to be sent to, you need to sign up and configure some settings for each of your forms, e.g. the notification recipient. Endpoint URLs are then anonymized, and in contrast to services such as e.g. formspree, formmonkey does not include your email address in your endpoint’s URL. That way, we can make sure, that bots and spammers do not know your recipient’s email address by only looking at your form’s source code and enpoint URL.

Multiple recipients

formmonkey provides so called routing rules, by which you can decide who to notify on form submission by classifying form field values and choosing corresponding recipient contacts accordingly. Imagine your form to have a selection list, where the customer can choose about the type of inquiry. With formmonkey you can route submissions to different recipients, depending on whether the customer selects support or human ressources from the selection list.

Spam protection

If you put a webform online, you are likely to receive spam. That is a sad truth. formmonkey helps to fight spam by providing numerous state of the art spam protection techniques, such as honeypots, keyword spotting, and even Google’s reCaptcha v2 and v3!

File uploads

With formmonkey, you can also include file uploads in your webforms. No matter your subscription plan, you get a storage contingent for all your submissions. If a customer uploads files over your form, all files are safely stored in your storage and can be downloaded by you.

Feedback appreciated

formmonkey has many more features than the ones described above. In case you are missing a particular feature, send us an email and let us know! We are always open for suggestions on how to make our service better.