The dashboard gives you a compact overview of your latest form submissions across all forms, as well as your current plan’s limits.

Your dashboard is your personal overview of the latest submissions across all your forms.

Overview of your plan’s limits

All important plan limits are depicted in the upper left corner of your dashboard. In this example’s case, the user has subscribed to the basic plan, which includes unlimited forms, 1 GB of file upload storage, and up to 2 recipient contacts. The user uses 1 form in total, has no uploaded files yet, and uses 1 recipient contact.

Your plan's limits at a glance.

Submission Graph

The submission graph to the upper right shows the total amount of submissions per day in the last 7 days. It gives you a quick glance, on how your customer’s behaviour to submit forms changed over the course of the last week.

The submission graph shows the amount of submissions per day over the last 7 days.

Viewing latest submissions

If you quickly want to see the contents of one of the latest submission, just click on it in the overview table. You will then be redirected to the form submission’s detail page, showing you the complete payload of the submission.

The submission details page shows you all contents of a submission.

On the submission details page, you also find buttons to export this individual submission as a JSON file, or to delete this submission.


Once deleted submissions cannot be restored.