Getting Started

Signing up

In order to use formmonkey, you need to sign up and create an account. Don’t worry, formmonkey offers a free plan that is quite generous and should be sufficient for personal or small business websites, or blogs. In fact, the free plan allows you to receive 50 submissions each month by mail and a total file upload of 100 MB.

Sign up on formmonkey

For signing up, you need to enter your name, email address and password. Or you simply sign up using your facebook or Google account. Either is fine. When the same email address is used in your facebook and Google account, you can even use all three and all logins will be attached to the very same user account on formmonkey.

If you registered with your email address, you will be asked to validate your address. We send you an email with a validation link. Please click on it, so we know, that your email account is yours and working. If you signed up using facebook or Google login, email validation is usually not needed, because you already verified your address with them before.

Your first log in

After logging in, you will always land on your personal dashboard first. Your dashboard shows you a list of the latest submissions along with information about your current plan limits. You can read more about your dashboard in its respective documentation section.

In your navigation bar to the top, you see, that you can switch between your dashboard, form setup, and your settings. Also, by clicking “Sign out” you can always sign out of the app safely.

The navigation bar sits on top of the page.

Each of these pages - dashboard, forms and settings, is described in detail in its own documentation section.